Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Lookback

Whew!  Well, this month I've been all over the place on my emotional roller coaster.  Thankful for a steady husband, praying friends, and a gracious, patient God.

A little bit of December in review:
 Christmas with the Suvar's

 The first snow of the season
 Candle lighting at Mr. Fritz's

 Seeing my doll house from 20 years ago being played with again - thanks Dad!
 Making Christmas cookies....
 ...and the aftermath
 Steffen Christmas - all the cousins
 Our sad attempt at a family photo...sigh
 Sisters and mom

 Our traditional Christmas picnic in the living room
 What Owen bought me for Christmas with his own money

 Thankfully he loves to shovel snow...and he does a good job!
 Cypress House Christmas

 LOVED the snow we have gotten this last week of December!

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  1. i thought your family christmas picture looked cute, even though Maddie DID look really mournful ( : Mandy