Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My little shadow

I've never had the chance to enjoy a 2 year old like this before.

Whenever I had a 2 year old, I had a newborn.

But now, Owen is in Kindergarten, Hannah heads to preschool for a few hours three days a week, and I get this goober all by herself for a few precious hours.

Madeline is so snugly, often she brings me her blanket and just wants to cuddle up with me on the couch. 

She loves to color...almost TOO much.

We have had couches, coffee tables, floors, walls, windows, and people colored on by this little Picasso.

I also think Madeline's vocabulary is much farther along than either of her siblings were at this age - attribute that to all the bigger people she has around her all the time.

She has the hardest time staying in bed, and we go through this little battle nightly.  We were having her recite her memory verses the other day and one that she said was "Children obey your parents.....Stay in bed!"  Hmmmmm, well we know that she knows what to do, it's just doing it that's the problem...

I don't like to do too many posts that are just all about the kids, but for some reason I have had this dancing around in my head for a few weeks.

Maybe it's because I know these days are fleeting. 

She won't be 2 forever. 

She won't always want to cuddle with me (that just got me choked up).

She won't always say those words so cutely, mispronouncing and butchering words to try to get her point across.

So for today I will snuggle her, and breathe in her sweet scent of her hair, and read her just one more book.  I'll enjoy her sweet giggle and the sound of her little feet padding across the kitchen floor.

Because we know this life is but a vapor, and it's going by quickly.  But God gives us these glimpses of heaven through His little children to remind us Who, and what, we are working for.  To make this journey a bit more bearable until we finally make it home.


  1. That sounds so much like Abby. I loved having just her for a few years. I feel a little badly that no one else has those memories, but it is what it is. For five years she and I took a nap together every day that we were home together. When she quit napping with me on weekends (like when she was 7!) I really felt sad. I'm not the kind of person to pine over the past and I am LOVING having high school/middle school kids, but I do miss those snuggly naps together. Luckily for me, she still wants to sit on my lap every day and spend time cuddling at bed time.

  2. Just as I clicked "publish" I saw that I was JD! I am not JD, but you probably guessed that :-)