Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrating a Milestone

10 years ago, despite our lack of a bank account or life experience, Paul and I embarked on the adventure of marriage together.

August 24, 2002
Today we celebrate the ups and downs that have made up our last decade. 

Between the two of us we have:

owned 9 cars

worked at 7 jobs

lived in 5 homes

brought 3 children into this world

went through college....twice.

And many more things that may or may not ever be mentioned....

Nearly 10 years later - celebrating with a trip to Bermuda
I can say I love him more than the day I married him, and no doubt will love him more the day we celebrate another 10 years.

I love you, Paul!  I am so glad I get to share life with you and that you are willing to share yours with me!  May God be given ALL the glory!

Happy 10 year anniversary!

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