Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A four-year-old tribute

Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah Karen!  You are a joy and a delight.  You make us smile daily with the many gifts you collect for us: rocks, flowers, various pictures you've drawn - all wrapped up in tissue paper and put in gift bags!  You have a soft heart and often pray for the "people who don't have homes and have to live in boxes."  You've shown a heart for Jesus as you have often confessed at dinner devotions how Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  You are a great friend and younger sister to Owen and a great help and big sister to Madeline.  Your boundless energy never ceases to amaze us as you practically skip everywhere, and if you're not skipping, you're running.  Hannah, we love having you as part of our family and are so glad God gave you to us to raise up to know Him.  May your life reflect God's goodness and grace and bring glory to Him!

We love you, Hannah!

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