Sunday, November 20, 2011

God does funny things.

He can take those things that make us the most uncomfortable and those things that make us shake our head and say "no way, uh uh, that is not going to be me" and He can plunk us right down in the middle of it.

I disliked high school.  When one mentions high school I get sweaty palms and my breathing speeds up and scary images of awkwardness come to mind.  Don't get me wrong, there were high points.

I did marry my high school sweetheart after all.

But there were enough of those scary awkward moments that when I finally got out of high school I told myself I am not going back, no way, no how.  I told myself that I cannot be around teenagers.  Because they kinda freak me out.  I always felt like I needed to impress them.  Even when I was years out of high school, I still felt the pull to impress the present day teenagers.  those 'cool' people.  Always hoping that they thought I was 'cool' too.

But then God said, 'not only are you going to be around 'those' people, you are going to live with them.  and you will no longer worry about impressing them.'

well, except to impress them with the right stuff.

I had to smile today as I looked at what God has put me in the middle of.  I spent the weekend hanging out with 3 high school boys (as well as my own family, of course).  And not once did I have the thought that I needed to impress them.

Well, except to impress them with the right stuff.

We hung out, we played ping pong, we did normal family type stuff (i.e. chores, dishes, dinner).  And I had the opportunity to discuss many parts of scripture with these young minds.  They came with questions, and were genuinely interested in the answers.  Right now, in this time, God is calling me to live life with a bunch of teenagers and impress on them the joy that comes with living for Jesus.  These kids have been impressed by a lot in their short lives.  And now I have a chance to impress them with something lasting.

Jesus saves.  Jesus forgives.  Jesus was willing to die for YOU.  And even now God is ready and willing to forgive you of all your past and your mistakes if you will just accept that as the truth and desire to follow Jesus as your Savior.

Now, isn't that impressive?

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