Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving at Gateway

This Thanksgiving we were on duty at Gateway. Although we were very bummed to miss family gatherings, we are thankful that the time went smoothly. It can be kinda dicey with everyone home from school for 4 days straight....look out Christmas vacation! I tried my best to make a real Thanksgiving feast and ended up making the turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, noodles, gravy, and pumpkin pie all from scratch. The only thing from a box was the mashed potatoes...i know, i know, but by the time i got to the potatoes, i was DONE with cooking!
We enjoyed a filling meal and watched football and played some ping-pong. The electricity went out around 7 PM but THANKFULLY we have a generator so we had partial power.
The next day we set up the tree and all the resident got in the spirit and helped. Owen and Hannah had so much fun as well. Maddie, we stuck in a swing to keep her from pulling the tree over.
We also spent some time drawing and coloring turkeys, writing down what we are thankful for, and cutting out snowflakes...oh, and dodgeball in gym!
All in all, the weekend went well, but hopefully we will get to spend it with family next year... :)


  1. Holy Cow! All from scratch? With residents around? Over Thanksgiving? Definitely you guys are a solid second place for alternates of the year, behind Shane and Stef of course. Superwoman, you are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks, Dustin. i just figured that just because we were missing out on our families didn't mean we couldn't still have an authentic Thanksgiving meal. yeah, looking back, it was kinda crazy making all that from scratch....