Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrating Jesus' Birthday

Picture of the 3 kiddos after decorating the tree. At one point Maddie was so excited and bouncing up and down, she bounced her diaper right off (honestly) I want to post a pic but wasn't sure about putting a bare bum on the internet :)

Just a random picture of Maddie i took one day - she has proved to be quite photogenic :)

Celebrating Jesus' Birth...

That's what we have been trying to ingrain into out children's' heads this whole month of December. To teach them to anticipate the celebration of Christ's birth, not the opening of presents. We've been able to celebrate with both sides of the family, a little spaced out through the month. Back on December 11, we got together with all the Suvar's up at Sam and Kat's new home in Toledo. It was a great place, room enough for everyone to stay overnight and hang out from Friday to Sunday. Thanks Sam and Kat for opening your home to all the (wonderful) chaos!

On Christmas Day we got together with the Steffen side and spent the day filling ourselves up with great food, playing board games, and singing a few carols. Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Clinton and Michelle a bit early since they had to get up early Sunday morning to fly to HAWAII! (Clinton is working on a concrete project there for the next month.) Thanks to mom and dad for all the work they put into making it a great weekend!
I love this picture: Sam had to grow up with 3 sisters....but now he has 3 brothers! :)

Monday evening we celebrated our Christmas as a little family of 5. We did our-what is becoming a tradition-picnic on the living room floor, opened gifts, and watched the Polar Express.

It's hard to believe Christmas is already past - this season goes too fast. But I pray you can continue to feel the warmth of knowing that our Savior has come to this earth, died in our place, and rose again so that we never have to know death! Thank you, Jesus (and Happy Birthday :)

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