Monday, November 1, 2010

And she's up!

It's actually been about 2 weeks, but Maddie has figured out how to pull herself up to stand. She loves to stand at the toy box and will spend over half and hour just pulling stuff out and talking to herself. Now that she is pulling herself up, i have realize how lax we have been in having a baby-proof house. The coffee table used to be safe for things to be set, but not anymore. She is getting into stuff we were not even aware was an issue. Looking back at the other kids' baby books, Maddie is about a month, if not a month and a half ahead of the other 2 with her physical development. I figured she has to be, just so she can keep up (or get away from them!)

1 comment:

  1. Too Cute!! Drew has just started getting up on his hand and knees to crawl!! So the 3rd kid must advance faster!!
    Enjoyed seeing your kiddos yesterday, they are all TOO cute!!