Thursday, September 30, 2010

My latest challenge...

So, a few months back I mentioned something about needing to challenge myself to try tough stuff. So, from a non-spiritual direction, I tried my hand at some handsewing. I found this craft book that had patterns for making stuffed animals. One pattern was for an elephant I decided to try my hand at. For the material I used old baby clothes of Hannah's that she had ruined with all her puking. I couldn't just throw them away so i cut up the less stained parts and used them to piece together the elephant. Here is the finished product, minus a few details that I need my mom's help instructing (french knots? blanket stitch? yikes!) Owen wants a monkey so that is next on my list. And the elephant's name? Mommy. Thanks, Hannah :)


  1. I'm definitely impressed! It looks cute! :)

  2. cute ( : you inspire me to sew again.

  3. IMPRESSIVE, Nichole! Great job...I'm sure Hannah (and Maddie!) will cherish it for a long time! :)