Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's been a month and i figured i better put something up on here! Maddie's first month went as expected for a newborn. Eating, sleeping, pooping, repeat. She goes about 3 hours between feedings, day and night. So still not much sleep going on here for mommy and daddy. But she continues to grow and be healthy so we praise God for that! The other two squirts do real well with her: Hannah gives kisses and Owen makes sure she is covered up and not cold.

We did our first time on duty this past weekend and found it to be a bit more chaotic with a third child added to the mix. But the residents enjoy having a newborn in the house and a few take turns holding Maddie. Our scale is broken so i can't give a weight for her 1 month. At two weeks she was 7 lb 7 oz so i am guessing she is somewhere around 9 lbs or so.

Hopefully i can blog more than once a month, but i'm not making any promises!


  1. She is beautiful! Thanks for the update!

  2. they are all such darlings.

  3. Aww--I miss you guys!!
    Love hugs and kisses--
    Grandma Karen

  4. I have so much respect for you girls doing this with newborns! :) Thankful she's doing well & her big brother & sister are taking good care of her!

  5. Looking forward to seeing you and your adorable children soon!