Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Celebrations

OK, these pictures posted out of order??? And I still haven't figured out how to type between pictures so bear with me : ) The cake above is the one I made for Owen when we got together with our families over the weekend. He requested a Percy cake - the thing took me an hour and a half to make! Only for my child... The Rassi clan was in town for the annual Columbus Day weekend reunion, most of the Suvar's made it over, plus my family as well. There were about 25 in attendance for lunch and cake. Quite the 'party' for a 3-yr-old! : )
Yesterday, on Owen's birthday, we were on duty at Pine House. While the resident's are off at school in the morning, we have a little family time. We gave Owen his gift from us - a bike! We were pretty pumped to give it to him. We brought it out to him before lunchtime, hoping for an excited reaction. He stood there and smiled and then said...."can i have a peanut butter jelly sandwich, please?" not quite what we were looking for :) but about 5 minutes later as he is eating his PBJ sandwich, he says "i like the bike. i want to keep it." he then proceeded to bike all over the kitchen the rest of the day. i think he likes it...
For supper I made a pumpkin chip loaf of bread and put cream cheese frosting on it. And the resident's sang him happy birthday. Hard to believe our little guy is 3 and headed off to Sunday School next Sunday. Thanks to all who celebrated with us - Owen is enjoying all the gifts : )


  1. that cake is adorable-it looks like a lot of hard work to me( : I can't believe owen is going to sunday school!

  2. impressive cake!! i haven't made a homemade cake for a few years. :( i used to be so creative and enthusiastic about stuff like that. not sure where it went. :)

  3. Look at that awesome cake! ;) I'm still pretty impressed. It was fun to be able to celebrate with you guys! Happy 3rd birthday, Owen!

  4. Race results?

    Greg B.