Monday, September 28, 2009

Races and "Boo-boos"

Funny title, I'll explain.

This past weekend, my friend Margo and I ran a 4 mile race in Ft. Wayne. We signed up for it back in April, with the plan for it to motivate us to get in shape through the summer. Despite 1st trimester nausea and fatigue, I continued to jog/run and we both finished under our goal time. I don't know if I will continue to run 4 miles (Paul prefers that I don't) But maybe 1-2 miles with some longer walks thrown in... we'll see...

The other picture is of our little Rambo. Hannah tripped over her own feet last night and hit her head on the coffee table. She put a nasty gash in her forehead which Paul and I mended together with a butterfly strip, a bandaid, and a large piece of tape so Hannah couldn't rip it off. Today she is acting fine and is showing no signs of any pain. I'm just praying for no infection...I'm keeping an eye on it. Her forehead was dented in pretty bad right afterward but in about 10 minutes time the dent was gone. It was very odd but maybe it has to do with little kids and soft bones. I am also thankful for the thick padding she has on her forehead, something odd both our kids have been blessed with : ) I think that Hannah is going to be our accident-prone one...again, we'll see... : )

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long time no write

My apologies, but it has been awhile since I've posted an update. Summer finally ended and for the first time in 9 years I was effected by the start of school (this time relieved :) Life slowed down in one aspect as we now have more family time with the residents in school. But in another way life got full as we are now covering 2 houses as alternates. We are on campus in the houses 18 days out of the month and sleeping in our own beds (bliss!) around 11 days. But it's a time of stretching and growing and I am working on keeping a thankful spirit throughout. Our kids are learning flexibility and seemed to have gone with the flow with no complaint. Baby #3 continues to grow and as I am typing this, is kicking and doing somersaults (I love the feeling!). We are looking forward to our ultrasound next month to get our first glimpse at the next Suvar. We aren't finding out the gender - we'll be surprised along with the rest of you! In regards to the pictures, Hannah likes helping me with the laundry and will load the clothes for me (sorted or not!) This is one good thing about front loaders! Even toddlers can help! Last month we had a day off and went to the zoo with my mom. This was one picture of Owen getting up close with a mongoose. I think that sums us up for the time being. We just keep on keeping on.....