Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7 years

I didn't want it to get too far beyond the date to acknowledge our 7 year wedding anniversary. Seven years ago, on August 24th, I married my high school sweetheart. We went out to dinner on Monday (thanks Grandpa and Grandma for watching the kids!) and were discussing what we had been through in the last 7 years together: between the 2 of us we've had 9 jobs, moved 4 times, and owned 9 cars. We've grown a lot together, and I'm so glad that with all the moments that have happened in the last 7 years, I had Paul there to share it with. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, we've been home a little over a week but now that the Gateway Auction is behind us, I have a moment to post a few pictures from our trip out East. We left Friday and drove as far as Castile in upstate New York. There we rented a 7 bed-room farmhouse that we all stayed in for Friday and Saturday night. Some of the Suvar extended family also stayed in the area for a small reunion so we all congregated at the farmhouse on Saturday night for that. Sunday after church we headed to Massachusetts and stayed with George's cousin and her husband in their home about 45 minutes outside of Boston. We stayed there Sunday-Weds nights. Monday we hung out and went to a barbecue and swim party at another one of George's cousin's house. On Tuesday we toured Boston and had another cook-out with more cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was great to finally put names to faces with all the relatives! On Weds we drove an hour and a half south to Falmouth, MA which is on Cape Cod. We ate in a local pub, toured the little shops, and then hung out on the beach for a few hours. We rounded out our east coast experience that night with a huge smorgasborg of scallops, shrimp, swordfish, salmon, and lobster. All which we bought and prepared ourselves :) Thursday morning we packed up the clan and headed home. We drove a little over halfway and stayed in a cute bed and breakfast in PA. On Friday we drove the rest of the way home and crashed exhausted on our couch :)
We had a great time. I've been telling people it was a trip, not necessaryily a vacation, because their wasn't a lot of downtime :) But a lot of great times were had and good memories made. Many thanks to Mom Suvar for doing all the preparing and planning and many thanks to Chris and Patty for putting up with us for 4 days in their house. Going out east has only made me want to go back!

Friday, August 7, 2009