Monday, June 22, 2009

The kids

My Grandma Steffen would have said "they're not kids, kids are goats, they're children." But anyways : )
I thought i would talk about the kids since you most likely check this blog for that and not my random complaints : )
Hannah is cracking us up these days: babbling and pointing. She loves animals and gets so excited when she sees dogs, cats, the animals in the barn, even those in books. She is starting to say a word that sounds like doggy and is definetly saying daddy very clearly. She loves books and a certain one that has animals in it with fuzzy pages for feeling. She'll sort through all the books until she finds it and will crawl around with it until she find someone to read it to her. If i'm on the floor she loves to come over and just sit in my lap. Hannah is starting to give kisses and can be cuddly at times which i love :)
Owen says the darndest things which crack us up. He is still facinated with trains, planes, and "happercappers" (helicopters) He is deep in the 'troublesome twos' pushing limits and seeing what he can get away with. He loves to horseplay with Hannah and generally she loves it, except when she is sat on for too long (go figure!)
This past week the kiddos stayed with the grandparents: G and G Suvar Mon-Thurs and G and G Steffen Thur and Friday. I went to pick them up on Friday and we swam in mom and dad's pool for a little bit. Hannah was more content to crawl around naked. We then spent Friday night and Saturday with Paul's family and celebrated Father's Day with them. Owen got to go out on the paddle boat and loved it - he got 4 different people to take laps in the boat to extend his ride :)
Many thanks to the grandparents for watching the kids for the week!

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  1. Little Hannah looks so much like her daddy in that picture! So adorable!