Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tough Stuff

I have been challenged this past week by another blog i have read that said to not always talk about the fun times, but talk about the tough stuff, too. I feel i report a lot of the fun stuff, because it's easier to talk about, but i have an example of the tough stuff that is fresh in my mind and so (with a glass of milk and a piece of leftover b-day cheesecake at my side) i will dive right in...

Sundays are hard...let me rephrase that...Sundays for young mothers are hard. I had no clue before having children how exhausting Sundays can be. I know i am speaking for mothers everywhere when i say we get next to nothing out of a sermon (except a few bruises from our children crawling on us with dress shoes on and a few wet cheerios stuck to our shirt). I am often just hoping to catch one good sentence or thought to go away with. I have found that I like to get into church first thing so i am there when they start singing. I hope to at least get the singing in so i can get the worship part of the service.

Perhaps today was harder than others. With Paul in Sunday School, I get both kids in the morning (and Hannah did not take her regular AM nap today) and we had the Easter program this afternoon and Paul was in it so I had the kids for that, too. It was a good reason to go home at noon but I really wanted to stay for the program (and I am glad that i did, it was great : ) but it has just worn me out. (which has prompted this post)

I have had a few mothers say that if you can at least say you had some "fellowship" then that is at least a start. Unfortunately I regularly don't get a chance to talk to anyone except my children so unless "do you need to go potty?" and "sit on the bench" are fellowship, then I'm lacking in that area as well : )

I'm afraid this may be turning into more of a complaint but I wanted to post this to let the other young mothers out there know they are not alone. And that this is just a season. Soon our kids will be old enough for Sunday School and we will be sitting alone in AM church and wonder why we don't feel the tugging on the shirt sleeve and why we are looking at the minister instead of keeping an eye on our kids. And perhaps I am posting this because I want to know that there are other mothers out there with this feeling and I'm not just the only one who has yet to figure out how to make it through Sundays...My little church-goers...


  1. dear sweetie-
    yes, this too shall pass.
    there were many sundays i felt the same way- your dad was in s.s. too and i had all three of you til Amanda went to s.s. wish i were there to help you-- I love you! and they do grow up way too fast!

  2. that's right, mom. i forgot about dad being a sunday school teacher - didn't realize we were that young at the time. i knew there was someone else out there who knew what i was talking about :) XOXOX

  3. thanks for sharing your heart, nichole. know you are not alone. i know mother after mother who feels this exact same way.