Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Well, it's been quite a year. A year ago at 3:30 in the afternoon Hannah Karen was born into this world. She has been a joy and a great teacher of patience. The reflux that plague her (us) from week 5 to just short of 6 months of age is but a not so distance memory. Hannah was different from Owen from the beginning: she's a belly sleeper and has been from almost the beginning. She been a more stoic faced child and often has a look of quandary. Which makes her smiles that much more joyful. : )She prefers to be held instead of crawling around and seems to be quite the momma's girl. But she always "dances" (bounces up and down) whenever she sees daddy. Hannah entertained us with her walrus flop crawl for a few months until she figured out it is easier to use hand and knees. She currently is cruising along furniture and loves to push chairs and push toys across the room. This year has gone fast but already Hannah has taught us so much. I thank God for her daily (if not more than once a day) and am so glad she was put into our lives. Happy Birthday, Heena (not a misspelling, this is what Owen calls her, and I've kinda adopted the pronunciation)


  1. Happy birthday sweet Heena! We love you so much and are so glad that God sent you to us!
    Love, hugs, and kisses~
    Grandpa Donn and Grandma Karen

  2. awww...i cant believe it's been a year already! Happy first bday Hee haw! =]]


    Aunt Shell

  3. Whoa, Hannah's 1! Hard to believe! :) She's such a little all those pictures of her! Happy 1st birthday, Hannah!