Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hannah has been introduced to the word 'no.' Up to this point she hasn't really gotten into anything or shown any defiance to warrant us using the word. However, we have moved into a home that has vertical blinds on the patio doors in the kitchen. This has been a source of interest for both Owen and Hannah. We discourage them from playing with them simply because i don't want them to bust and then have to figure out how to replace them. Owen does well with the redirect and discipline but Hannah will crawl over and start swishing the blinds. When we tell her 'no' she looks up at us with this sweet face like "I'm not doing anything. what did you think i was doing?" But we know she understands us because she looks back at the blinds and kinda wiggles her fingers and thinks about touching them again. we go : )

On a different note: Last night we were putting the kids to bed and Owen wanted to say the prayers (we have always said them and this was a first). He clasped his little hands, closed his eyes, and bowed his head and said, "Thank you, God." That was it but it was so sweet! We then led him through a simple prayer of "God bless daddy, God bless, mommy, etc" We went through each member of our families and when Neena and Papa were mentioned he would have to pause and look at us with wonder, like the grandparents were going to appear at any moment. It just warms my heart to see these little moments of worship starting to appear in Owen's life.

We've had two decently warm days and have been able to get out and go for a walk. There is a park a 5 minute walk from our house and a paved walking path that measures just under a mile long. It's raining today and I know the cold weather isn't over, but I sure am looking forward to warmer weather : )

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  1. isn't it sad that they all end up needing correction and discipline and don't stay innocent forever?

    but how PRECIOUS of owen. what a heart warming time.