Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Update

Well, as of last Saturday we are all moved in to our place in Grabill (many thanks to our parents and my brother, Sam - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Unfortunately, we are still waiting on Internet hookup and so i am doing my blog post from Gateway campus while we are on duty. The kids are still at school and i have about 15 - 20 minutes before they come home. Hannah had her 9 month checkup this last week and is weighing in at 21 lbs even. She continues to crawl around using her walrus flop technique and Owen is learning the fine art of sharing.

For those who were wondering, we live in a house in Grabill 2/3 of the month (this house is owned by Gateway). And then when the main houseparents take their time off (9 days out of the month) then we stay at the home on campus with the residents and take over as houseparents. The days that we are not covering as houseparents are maintenance days and we do whatever needs done around campus and help out the houseparents as needed. There, our job in a nutshell : )

OK, i need to get myself in the groove to welcome 5 teenagers home from school : ) i will update more when i can concentrate on it better! : )


  1. Wow, 21 lbs...Hannah could whup on Max! He was only 18.5 lbs at his 9 mo. checkup. Glad to hear you are somewhat settled in and everything!

  2. Welcoming home teenagers was my favorite part of the job when I worked at the group home. Somehow it felt like I had a big family. Then they would throw their coats on the floor and start fighting. Somehow the good times never seem to last.

  3. Nichole, I love the "walrus flop" description. I can picture it quite clearly ( :

    we continue to pray for you guys in your transition time-lots of changes. I'd love to sit down some time and hear what it's like being parents to 5 teenagers! Mandy