Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reid update

So, I realized this week that after Reid made it home, my updates on him have dropped off. Sorry about that : ) This week I took 3 month pictures for Amanda of the little guy. He is now over 8 lbs, probably over 9 by now at the rate that he is growing, and continuing to develop as he should. He is officially off the heart monitor as of a couple weeks ago and he is both nursing and still taking a bottle. He's still such a little peanut, but big compared to where he started. I will need to get a few more details from Amanda as far as anything more specific, but as far as from an aunt perspective - he's doing great! : )


  1. Wow! He looks so much more filled out since we saw him Columbus Day weekend! And I love the picture of Hannah...what a smiley baby! :D

  2. He's so cute and healthy looking! Amanda must just fall in love every time she looks at him :-)