Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reid update

So, I realized this week that after Reid made it home, my updates on him have dropped off. Sorry about that : ) This week I took 3 month pictures for Amanda of the little guy. He is now over 8 lbs, probably over 9 by now at the rate that he is growing, and continuing to develop as he should. He is officially off the heart monitor as of a couple weeks ago and he is both nursing and still taking a bottle. He's still such a little peanut, but big compared to where he started. I will need to get a few more details from Amanda as far as anything more specific, but as far as from an aunt perspective - he's doing great! : )

Saturday, November 1, 2008

6 months old

I'm a week late, but Hannah is now 6 months old - I haven't made it to the doctor yet for her checkup but when I do, her stats will be posted : ) Hannah is teething right now and she is having a rough go of it (and so am I) She was sleeping through the night but now is waking up 1-2 times a night and just wants to be rocked and

held. So sweet, but maybe not at 4 AM. So we keep plugging her with Tylenol and praying for those teeth to come through soon. She's getting up on her hands and knees, but no crawling yet, which is fine with me. Once she is, there is one more thing I'll have to keep track of : ) Hannah is eating pear sauce (go figure), squash, and peas. She gags on the peas, but with a little persuasion (pear sauce) she gets it down. She is loving Owen and just watches him and giggles.

And on a totally different topic - It is November 1st and I have clothes hanging on the line -an absolute beautiful day! Thank you, Lord!