Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something I've learned

Selfishness and impatience go hand in hand. My children have made me realize this. I've already known that I can be a selfish person (wanting time for myself, wanting things done my way) but since Hannah has been born I have been increasingly aware of it and it disgusts me.

I have found that when I am most impatient with the kids and start to raise my voice and can feel my blood pressure rise, is when I am being selfish. So I have started to check myself when I feel myself losing my cool. Why am I getting so impatient? Most answers are: I want to get something done and Owen won't let me. I want to be doing something else and instead I am walking around for 45 minutes (or more) holding a screaming Hannah. Most of the time the realization of this makes my impatience decrease (most of the time). It's a reminder to act toward my children the way God acts toward me. I am sure there are many times God would like me to do it His way and in His time but thankfully He doesn't get as impatient as I do.

Any thoughts? Am I the only one out there with this correlation in her life?


  1. definitely can relate. i think there is often a correlation. or worry. i'm often impatient if i'm worrying and stressing instead of resting and trusting. they are such easy words, but so hard to do. :(

  2. I feel impatient when I'm selfish, but even more so when I'm hurt or stressed about other issues. Or worried like smw said.

    And tired and hungry. And pms.

    I might be impatient a lot.

    I'm glad God doesn't need food, sleep or a menstrual cycle.

    Ok, and he doesn't get his feelings or get stressed out about other people either.

    Maybe he could take on some of mine.