Friday, October 10, 2008

Random stuff

For those of you who don't know U.S. 24 runs right through Antwerp and right now they are working on building a 4-lane US 24 just south of town. It will be about a mile to a mile and a half from us. Right now you can walk right up onto the overpass and walk up and down the on/off ramps. One evening we walked the kids up there to take some pictures. We figured by the time they are old enough to remember, it will be done (plan is 2012). It was kinda fun walking in a place where you know one day will be traffic.

And earlier this summer we bought a used jogging stroller off of eBay (very used) so that I could try to get back into jogging again. This has been a pipe dream. Finally this week Hannah actually sat in the thing and we have made it farther than the front yard without her screaming. Maybe next year, if Owen still fits in it : )

OK, the picture of the tree...there were about 30 or so turkey buzzards sitting in this tree in our back year. It was very eerie. I went outside to take this picture and noticed a few sitting on our roof, too. I startled them and they were flying around our house in the big circle they do when looking for something dead. Very strange. Thankfully, they haven't been back....

OK, and the final picture I just wanted to show how much Hannah gets a kick out of Owen. She will laugh and smile at him when he is doing the littlest things. You can see her excitement in this picture of Owen just giving her some attention. Hannah hates having her face/nose wiped, but if Owen goes over with a Kleenex and wipes her nose, she starts smiling and laughing. I don't know, but it's nice that they are getting along, for now....


  1. Seeing Qwen & Hannah together and her delight in her big brother just about brings tears to this Grandma's eyes!!
    Love, hugs & kisses!

  2. The turkey buzzards would freak me as well. In stories it never means anything good. It's hard to remind yourself that they're just birds! Cool picture