Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buckeye's little cheering section

For those of you who don't know, Ohio State is playing Penn State tonight in what is a 'pretty big game.' I don't know a whole lot, I'm just the wife of a big OSU fan, so that makes me sort of a fan : ) But I thought I would dress our children up in the OSU clothes we had in the closet. Apparently Elmo is a big fan of Ohio, too, since he appears on both shirts (who knew? : ) Now for all of you who now feel sorry for our children because they are wearing 'trash' or whatever term you would tack onto the Buckeye name - ha, ha, I'm just waiting for the comments to come - from certain family members who are Illini or Wolverine fans. I don't know enough to talk trash so I'll just stay silent.
At least I know the Suvar side of the family will be in support of our children's clothes (I don't think there is any other team but the Buckeyes with the Suvar's...)

Unfortunately, the game does not start until 8PM which is Owen and Hannah's bedtime. So, they will have to cheer for the Buckeyes from their beds...
Oh, and a side note, when I went to get Owen up this morning he held up that Brutus doll seen in the picture and declared "Brutus!" and he can also locate Ohio in our book of states and he identified the word Ohio on a sweatshirt. We are so proud... : )

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