Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Owa and Heeha...

...this is how Owen pronounces his and Hannah's names : ) This past Labor Day weekend, we just stuck around home and did some projects around the house. Paul and I bought some bushes as an anniversary gift to each other so we planted those (see picture of Owen 'helping'). One evening we headed to the park and Owen and Paul played on the playground together for awhile. Owen is really starting to bud - saying more words and getting more and more creative. Daily I am reminded what little blessings Owen and Hannah are.

Speaking of little blessings...Reid is now 3 lbs 11 oz. He is taking in about an ounce of milk at every feeding and he can even fit into some of the preemie onesies they have at the hospital! : ) He is better able to regulate his own temperature so he is off the temp monitor. One more wire unhooked from his little body. Hard to believe, but he will be 4 weeks tomorrow. He has come quite a way in this month's time. Praise be to God for His provision! : )

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