Monday, August 18, 2008

This and that

First, the update on Reid, since that is why most of you are checking this blog : ) ... He has gained another ounce and is now 2 lb 11 oz. He is taking 23 mL of milk every three hours. Chet and Amanda continue to "kangaroo hold" 3 times a day for 30 minutes. They are talking of discontinuing the Oxygen soon, but leaving the nasal canula in his nose just in case they need to start the O2 again. But they have discontinued and taken out the IV, so that is very good news. Little Reid is doing so well considering how young and small he is - thank you to all for your continued prayers!

Now, today, my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Troy and their 2 girls, Nolani and Mariah, came to visit at mom and dad's. I took the kids over there for the day to swim and see the Schnabels. Owen had a great time playing with Nolani in the kiddie pool and Jeanne had a great time being puked on by Hannah (yes, that is still a favorite past time of Hannah - spitting up) But Hannah is doing much better with letting other people hold her - it doesn't just have to be mommy or daddy all the time. I love the picture of Hannah with her feet in the pool - at any other time in our life we would be mortified if our thighs looked like that and were captured on camera for all to see - but at 4 months - it is so cute! : )

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