Monday, August 11, 2008

New news but no pics

So, I have new news on Reid, but no pics at this time. I am currently in Columbus for an OT convention and am waiting on some pictures to be emailed to me. When I have them, I will post them. I have been told that Reid is off the CPAP and just on the the nasal cannula. According to my sister-in-law, who is a Respiratory Therapist : ) this means that he is now breathing better on his own, his body is able to keep his airways open on their own, without the aid of a machine (yea!) More big news: Reid is now getting Amanda's expressed milk every three hours. I was told that a newborn's stomach is the size of a large marble - i can't imagine the size of Reid's - maybe a blueberry? The nurses said that after Reid got his first "meal" of milk, he smiled - he knows when he is getting the good stuff! : ) Amanda and Chet got to be around when they changed Reid's bed and Amanda got to pick Reid up - one hand under his head and the other under his bottom - while they switched the sheets. Up to this point, that is the most they have got to touch him - can you imagine? : ( But after that he just laid in his bed with his eyes open and Amanda and Chet just talked to him for a bit. With all the CPAP equipment off of him he looks more like a little person, not all covered up. He is to get his encephalogram on Wednesday (it may just be an ultrasound) to check for any brain damage. Amanda and Chet are doing much better - I think it helped to pick up Reid and see his eyes. Please continue to pray for them as they get to know their son and Reid gets used to this side of the womb. I know God is hearing all our prayers, even the ones that just our hearts are saying. And may we not forget, what a good God we serve, and He always is in control.

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  1. Praise the lord! That is wonderful that Chet and Amanda were able to 'bond' with him for a bit. There's just something about talking to your baby when he's looking up at you...we're thankful for the progress and still praying!

    ~Greg, Mary, and Max