Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy and son together again

Today I was able to go up to the hospital and spend some sister time with Amanda. We had over an hour where we could just sit and catch up - so sweet : ) Reid's results came back from his brain scan and there is a little bruising on the left side of his brain, but he was cleared to be able to be picked up. So Amanda got to hold him today for the first time. He is so tiny he actually fits right inside Amanda's camisole (tubes and all!) The doctor wrote orders for Reid to be held 3 times a day for 30 minutes each. They will do another brain scan in a month to see if the bruise has disappeared. More good news - he has gained 4 oz! It's got to be the milk and all those prayers : ) He is getting 11 mL of milk every 3 hours - he started out at 2 mL on Sunday. For feedings now, they are having Amanda hold him and they gravity feed the milk through a syringe. I am glad to have such good news to report all around - please keep the prayers going as there will be more hurdles in the days to come. Praise God for His faithfulness!

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  1. Hmmm...I must be related to Mom and A. Jeanne...I got tears in my eyes looking at these pictures and reading all the fantastic news! (Or maybe I'm just a new mom myself) :) Amanda, the pictures of you holding Reid are just precious, and I'm so thankful that you're able to enjoy this part of being a mom now! Snuggle that little boy close; he is such a miracle! We love you all and are still praying for you!

    ~Mary, Greg, and Max