Monday, August 25, 2008

3 lbs 1 oz

That is now what Reid weighs. He has broke the 3 lb mark! : ) And he continues to do well in other areas as well. They finally took the nasal cannula out of his nose and inserted the feeding tube there instead. So, now his mouth is free to work on eating. They have started giving him a bottle and they let him work on it for 30 minutes. The last that I heard is that he took in 17 mL on his own. They then feed him the remaining amount through the tube in his nose (he is up to 27 mL at a feeding). Reid's cord fell off so he now has a 'big boy belly button' : ). You can now see so much more of his face with the nasal cannula out, too. Here in these pictures he is kangarooing with Chet. Reid has been doing so well considering his age (or lack thereof). He's breathing well, eating well, putting on weight, even his lower intestines are working the way they should (if you know what I mean : ) Praise God for His providing hand on little Reid!

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