Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More than just a headlight

I was driving home last evening when I heard a thump. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw something bouncing along the road. I figured I had just hit a plastic container because that's what it looked like. I gave it no further thought.
Then today when Paul got home he asked me "What did you do to the car?" I had no clue what he was talking about until I looked and saw that we were missing the left blinker light. It was completely gone. I put two and two together and realized that that was what hit my car the evening before - my light had fallen out. Now this is even more of a nuisance since we just got our car back 2 days ago after the driver side window fell out and other misc electrical things have quit on us. I'm thinking, please, not another repair bill - now we have to pay for a brand new light.
Well, I thought I would drive back to the 'scene' and see if I could find our missing light - doubtful, it fell off on a busy road and it had been 24 hours before. As I was heading out of town to go look, I started praying. I know God could show me right where the light was and I know He could leave it intact for me right on the side of the road...or not, whatever He wants to do :) I just prayed that I could find it - and find it in one piece. I did one drive by with no luck and after I had turned around and started heading home, I looked one last time. And just as I started to speed up and decided that it wasn't to be found - there it was on the side of the road - and in one piece! I quickly parked the car, grabbed the light, jumped in the car and headed home - with tears in my eyes.
This was a great reminder for me of how great our God is. He didn't have to leave the light on the side of the road so easy for me to find. It could have been lost forever and us left with another car bill to pay. But God takes care of even the little things. If He cares enough to help me with this little problem, then why do I not trust Him for the big things? God is so much bigger than me, and I need to trust that He always has my best interest at heart - in the big and little things of life.
I was reminded of 2 things tonight: One:Volkswagen is not the best at headlight assembly (this is the second light to fall out on us) and Two: We have an awesome God : )

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