Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hanging in there

This is the phrase I would use to describe my life right now. We are still trying to work out the kinks with Hannah. Owen is still doing well, being his busy self. But Hannah, well, we aren't sure what is going on. For a little over a week now, she is only nursing for 5-8 mins at a time and then gets real upset and won't eat anymore. We repeat this process about every hour, hour and a half. And oh, did I mention that she throws up after every 'meal?' Sometimes as soon as we are finished. She continues this routine right through the night, so you can imagine my fatigue level at this point. We do have 'good' days. Those are the ones where she doesn't cry 'as much.' Next week is her 2 month checkup and I am hoping to have some answers then. We'll see. Until then, we're hanging in there...

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