Thursday, February 28, 2008

A boy after his mother's heart

Two pictures I was able to capture in the month of February. I guess some of my favorite things are rubbing off on Owen! He helps me dust/polish the wood floor in the dining room and then curls up with a good book. I guess there are worse things for him to imitate! But we'll see how long his "love" of cleaning lasts : )

Owen's Room

In preparation for the new baby in April, we fixed up the second bedroom upstairs to move Owen over into it. Before it was just plywood floors, very dark navy walls, and the windows were unfinished. We put up some cream paint to lighten the room, Paul put up trim around the windows, and we had carpet laid. The room is a vast improvement from what it was (ask any guest that got to stay in it before! : ) We plan on moving Owen over into the room in the near future. This will also be the guest room, so Owen will have to learn to share. It's a relief to have this done, I was hoping to have it done by the middle of March, so we are ahead of schedule on that!