Friday, December 21, 2007

Suvar Christmas

We had a great time with Paul's family this last weekend. We had to do Christmas a little early this year because of some scheduling conflicts. We did the traditional Villia (spelling?) dinner-a Czech tradition- and then opened gifts. Owen was having a great time with the wrapping paper and the boxes of fruit in the kitchen - I tell you, he is easily entertained. Owen also started walking this week just about exactly at 14 months. He is quite proud of himself, too. He also is blowing kisses, giving kisses on the mouth when asked, and knows that a bear growls. Some kids learn cat and dog sounds first. But Owen? it's a bear :)


Owen had his first real experience with snow after the first snowfall of the season at the beginning of December (I say 'first real experience' because it snowed on the day he was born, but that doesn't really count as far as "experiencing" now does it?) We didn't stay out there too long (5 minutes, tops) but he was quite fascinated with the snow (i think) And don't worry, moms, Owen has already received some mittens from his Grandma Suvar for Christmas!


Ok, so I haven't updated for 2 months (thank you, Carmen, for the reminder : ) so here is a few pics from Thanksgiving. I was able to get a picture of the Suvar clan while we met at Ben and Jaime's on Thanksgiving Day. This is the first picture I have gotten of everyone together. And then when we were at the Gramm family singing on Friday night, Sam took a few pictures of just the 3 of us (the mini Suvar clan). We did a bunch of traveling at Thanksgiving from home to Columbus to Gridley to Tremont and then home again. But Owen was a trooper through it all - Thank you, Lord!