Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wedding weekend

Well, my sister is married off into wedded bliss, and my mom can get back to her normal routine : ) We got to keep Mike and Carmen, and Jason and Ellie this past weekend for the wedding. We had a chance to catch up on Saturday night, amidst the wedding chaos. I didn't get many pictures taken, but I at least got a couple of Jack and Owen on Sunday morning (I couldn't catch Kate on camera, she was too busy "investigating" : ) I think Owen is more thrilled about the encounter than Jack!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Owen at 1 year

I took Owen's 1-year pictures last week, with the help of my mom. I did the posing and picture taking, and she did the goofy antics to keep Owen smiling. It's so hard to believe that he is already a year old!

Brother news

At Owen's 1-year birthday party we announced to our family that Paul and I are expecting another addition to the family. I'm due on May 5th, but it looks like I will have the baby before that, because I have to be a C-section for now on. So it may be the last week of April. I will hit my 12th week on Friday, and so far this pregnancy has been worse than the first. I wasn't sick at all with Owen, and now I have daily "evening sickness." About 6:00 PM I start feeling nauseous and crummy, and I feel that way until I wake up the next morning. I'm hoping the 2nd trimester will see the end of this. We'll see...