Monday, August 20, 2007

who said you had to spend a lot of money?

So here is Owen's latest toy - an empty diaper box and a belt. We spent 15 minutes last night "riding" around the house. Maybe if I put a rag under the box, we could polish the dining room floor....


Owen has had a chance to play with a few family members in the past few weeks. A week ago, Uncle Curt, Aunt Kathy, and Caleb came out to visit. Owen got a kick out of playing with Caleb. By the way, Caleb does a great job serving ice cream - so if you are looking for a willing worker...
This past weekend, Paul's family was here and Owen got a chance to bond with his Aunt Kat (another friend to play blocks with!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not good at this

So here is my first posting. I'm not a scholar when it comes to bright and witty things to say, that's more Paul's thing. So I may just mostly stick to updating on Owen, and what's new in our lives. It's also awkward for me to talk about myself, so we'll see how all this goes.

Anyways, Owen is currently 10 months and 1 week - he's crawling all over the house, climbing stairs, babbling about all sorts of things, will eat anything you place in front of him (excpet green beans!), and is starting to walk along furniture and walls. The best word to describe him is "curious." Everything needs to be investigated, which I can completely understand - everything he is seeing for the first time.

We'll end with that at the moment. See, I told you I'm not good at this...